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Master Programme in Marketing and Strategy

The basic role of Marketing and Strategy, as a philosophy and practice of Business Management is, nowadays, a fact of an unquestionable relevance. This importance results essentially from these two areas’ contribution: on one hand, the offer of new products and services to a more informed and demanding market and, on the other hand, the necessity of responding to the demands of internal and external stakeholders. This is the only mean to efficiently prepare the organisations for new challenges and to improve their performance and competitiveness. This process of change inevitably crosses over the development of an open and flexible position of management, able to continuously respond to the multiple changes and environmental challenges. In this sense, the Master's Programme in Marketing and Strategy of the University of Minho intends to reach the next objectives:

  • The capacity of diagnosing problems and use different qualitative and quantitative models in the analysis of complex situations with the aim of taking a decision;
  • The development of capacities to evaluate and to apply advanced concepts in the marketing and strategic management domain in different business contexts;
  • To update and to deepen strategic and operational competences of marketing and strategy;
  • To make use of marketing and strategic management knowledge and competences in theory or in practice.

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