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The Department of Economics of the School of Economics and Management is characterised by the youth and quality of its academic staff. The majority of the Department’s professors and researchers have obtained their Ph. D. degrees in prestigious European and North American universities. The resulting highly qualified academic staff and network of national and international contacts, acquired through studies abroad, have helped to drive the implementation of the Department’s strategy to increase scientific performance and visibility, both in terms of publications in international journals and of research projects approved. A range of these projects have benefited from external financing, and many have been developed in partnership with other research entities.

This investment in human capital and the scientific network approach have been instrumental in the success of the Department’s research units, evidenced by their superior evaluation from the national Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Particularly notable are the “Excellent” and “Good” classifications for two of the Department’s research units.

At the Under-Graduate level, the Department of Economics is solely responsible for the Degree in Economics, and jointly responsible for the Degree in International Business with the Department of Management of the School. Additionally, the Department of Economics provides teaching support to other Under-Graduate degree programmes offered by the School of Economics and Management, or by other schools at the University of Minho, in which the study programmes include subjects within the scientific area of Economics.

At the Post-Graduate level, the Department of Economics is responsible for the Ph. D. Programme in Economics, in partnership with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra. The Department is also responsible for many Master degree programmes, namely: Economics; Social Economics, Banking and Financial Economics; Industrial and Firm Economics; and, together with the Department of Management of the School,  International Business. The Department of Economics website provides detailed information on the academic staff and teaching programmes. We very much hope that you will find our research, projects and syllabus interesting.

Academic greetings,

J. Cadima Ribeiro
Head of the Department

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