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The Department of Economics at the University of Minho has established itself as one of the leading departments in economics in terms of research and in terms of education in economic science in Portugal.

Since its creation, the research in the department has been continually growing both in quality and in quantity. This is potentiated by a dynamic academic staff who is committed to contributing with robust economic analyses and empirical evidence that augment the understanding of economic outcomes and mechanisms and are likely to support the decision of policy makers.

Research activities are also at the core of the quality and innovative nature of our teaching programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We are training the next generation of professionals and giving them the tools and intellectual ability to work on firms, banks, governmental departments, social services, academia and more.

Come and join us. Together we will find solutions to global issues on economic growth, markets, firms, employment, health, environment, regulation, banking and finance, public policy, social economics and many other issues afflicting economies and societies alike. Let us be active partners of our future!

Yours sincerely,

 Lígia Pinto     
Head of the Department 
 Priscila Ferreira
 Deputy-head of the Department

For further information on:
- our research: visit the individual page of our academic staff or check our Reading list at IDEAS
- our teaching programmes: visit the courses webpages 

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