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Adelaide Martins
Department of Management
  Invited Professor Equivalent to Assistant Professor
   253604550 , 253604510
Selected publications
Martins, A., Gomes, D., Oliveira, L., Caria, A., & Parker, L. Resistance strategies through the CEO communications in the media. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. DOI
Martins, A., Gomes, D., Oliveira, L., & Ribeiro, J. L. (2019). Telling a success story through the president’s letter. Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management, 16(3), 403–433. DOI
Martins, A., Silva, A. P., & Fontes, A. (2019). A paradigm shift in Accounting and Auditing in the era of Big Data. In P. N. Melo & C. Machado (Eds.), Business Intelligence and Analytics in Small and Medium Enterprises (1st edition., pp. 37–52). Taylor & Francis. DOI
Financial Accounting I