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Carlos Costa
Ph.D in Sciences Economiques (University of Orleans)
Department of Economics
  Assistant Professor
   933210326 , 253 604 584
Selected publications
Arriaga, C. (2018). Ser Docente Universitário, uma profissão Ainda Com Isolamentos. In P. M. N. C. M. I. C. M. V. (editores) (Ed.), Novos desafios no Ensino Superior (pp. 539–544). Educación editora. DOI
Pereira, O. P., & Costa, C. A. A. T. (2017). The Importance o f Soft Skills in t he University Academic Curriculum: The Perceptions of the Students in the New Society o f Knowledge. International Journal of Business and Social Research, 7(6), 25–34. DOI
Petiz, O., & Costa, C. (2017). The University: An Institution of Co-creation and Social Transformation. Eastern European Business and Economics Journal, 3(3), 245–269. DOI
Matias, M. N., Serrasqueiro, Z., & Costa, C. A. (2010). Banking relationship and credit terms: empirical evidence from Portuguese small firms. American Journal of Social and Managment Sciences, 1(2), 102–123. DOI
Arriaga, C., & Miranda, L. (2009). Risk and Efficiency in Credit Concession: A Case Study in Portugal. Managing Global Transitions, 7(3), 307–326. DOI
Principles of Macroeconomics
Project and Transferable Skills
Topics in Banking Economics