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Hélder Costa
Department of Economics
  Invited Professor Equivalent to Assistant Professor
   253 604 584 , 253604510
Hélder Costa is a PhD student in Economics. He holds a Master’s degree and a BA in Economics from the University of Minho. His main areas of interest in Labor Economics.
Labor economics
Selected publications
Alexandre, F., Bação, P., Cerejeira, J., Costa, H., & Portela, M. (2022). Minimum wage and financially distressed firms: Another one bites the dust. Labour Economics, 74. DOI
Alexandre, F., Costa, H., Faria, A. P., & Portela, M. (2022). Enhancing University–Industry collaboration: the role of intermediary organizations. Journal of Technology Transfer, 47(5), 1584–1611. DOI
Alexandre, F., Costa, H., Portela, M., & Rodrigues, M. (2021). Asymmetric regional dynamics in the Portuguese economy: debt, openness and local revenues. Regional Studies, 55(2), 322–332. DOI