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 About us


Created in 1999, the Centre for Research in Economics and Management's (NIPE) main objective is to foster scientific progress in Economics and Management, translated in publications in leading international journals.
NIPE currently has 39​​ effective members and was ranked among the best Portuguese research centres in the field of Economics and Management, in the last evaluation performed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology​.
NIPE is an internationally oriented research center. A large number of NIPE's members are involved in international research collaborations. The seminar series involves researchers from many foreign universities. Every year, NIPE organizes a very successful Summer School, that attracts researchers from all over the world.
NIPE also aims to contribute, through the provision of consulting services, to the adoption of economic policies based on rigorous scientific analysis of the Portuguese economy.




Governing bo​dies​​


The Scientific Council is composed of NIPE's permanent members, and is responsible for, among other, the election of its Director and of its representatives in the Scientific Council of the School of Economics and Management. The Scientific Council is also responsible for defining NIPE's research areas and for the admission of new members.




Linda Gonçalves Veiga

Full Professor
PhD Economics (University of South Carolina)
+351 253604568, +351 253604584
Office 1.40


Deputy Director​


Gilberto Loureiro

Associate Professor
PhD Business Administration - Finance (Ohio State University)
+351 253601940, +351 253604550
Office 3.05
The Director is responsible for promoting the excellence of research activities and the interaction with the socio-economic environment, thus seeking to affirm NIPE as a research and development unit of reference at the international level. She is responsable for the general and daily management of the unit. ​


Scientific advising committee​​



Toke Aidt

Professor - U Cambridge, UK​​
PhD University of Aarhus, Denmark

João Cocco

Professor - London Business School, UK
PhD Harvard University, USA


Gene Grossman

Professor - Princeton University, USA
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
​​The Scientific advising committee is responsible for monitoring and advising all issues concerning NIPE's research projects and its scientific activity in general. This Committee consists of three individuals of recognized international scientific merit.​​​​​​​​​​​