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 About the Double Degree Programmes in Economics with University of Rennes I or University of Torino

​​​The double degree programmes allows students to complete one year of their studies at the University of Rennes I (UR I), France, or one semester at the University of Turin​ (UniTo), Italy, and be awarded two master’s degrees – Master Degree from the University of Minho and Master Degree from UR I or UniTo.

Study plan

Students apply to the programme in their second semester with the Programme Director of the MSc.In Economics at UMinho. To benefit from an Erasmus Grant, candidates must apply to the Erasmus+ call which usually runs from mid-December until late January of the following year. If they are selected, they study their third and fourth semester at Ur I or UniTo.

​UMinho candidates must have completed 60 ECTS before the mobility. They must comply with each University’s International Student enrolment and admission criteria, including the English Language Proficiency Certificate, qualifications and experience and student visa requirement, when applicable.

Students wishing to hold a master degree for UMinho and UniTo are required to gain at least 30 ECTS during the Fall Semester at the UniTo. They must submit their Master Dissertation at the end of the Spring Semester (July).

Students wishing to hold a master degree for UMinho and UR I are required to gain at least 60 ECTS and take all course specific for the first and second semesters. They must submit their Master Dissertation at UMinho.

Students who wish to receive a master's degree from both UMinho and UR I or with UniTO are obliged to complete their studies upon delivery, presentation and defence of the Master Dissertation at UMinho


Tuition Fees at UMinho will be applied according to the annual Dispatch of the UMinho’s Rector. Students must pay their Tuition Fees at their Alma Mater (Home University) and comply with all the regulations of the Home and Hosting University.

For further information please contact Estela Vieira at​ ​​​​​​​​or​​.​​