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Seminário Brown Bag com Teresa Pereira Heath (U. Minho, NIPE) Voltar

quarta-feira, 04/12/2019    Campus de Gualtar | EEG - Room 0.04, 13h15
Teresa Heath
Beyond Consumerism: On the value of ‘Consuming’ Daydreams
Consumers’ daydreams have been theorised as important in understanding consumers’ desire, and driving consumerism in a cycle of desire leading to consumption and inevitably disillusionment. However, this may underplay what happens in consumers’ imagination and the different purposes served by daydreaming. This study draws on in-depth interviews, participant diaries and enabling techniques with participants (self-identified as daydreamers) in the UK. It provides empirical data to support and challenge extant conceptual work on the consumer imagination and to explicate different ways in which daydreaming can shape, postpone or even replace actual consumption. The study on which this presentation is based is co-authored by Teresa Heath and Elizabeth Nixon (Nottingham University Business School). The authors wish to thank the Academy of Marketing for the funding that allowed for this project to be undertaken.
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Teresa Heath