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 Statistics databases

This Database inserts data on the US existing and past investment funds. It contains approximately 39,000 funds of various categories from 1962.

CRSP US STOCK DATABASES - (Available on the EEG Network)
This database contains daily and monthly data on transacted in the following assets stock exchange markets: NSYE, NYSE Amex, NASDAQ and Arca. The database covers various periods depending on the stock market, beginning in certain cases in 1925.​

INTRADAY DATA ON FTSE-100 INDEX - (Available on the EEG Network​)
Intraday figures on the FTSE-100 index for the period from January 2000 to December 2010, provided by Olsen and Associates​. (

This web application allows you to have access to Portuguese Municipalities. Its main objective is to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each municipality. It aims at providing municipalities, companies and other institutions with more relevant information to better understand the Portuguese territory and thus endowing all entities and organisations with new tools for steering development.
It gathers the most important official statistical indicators to analyse the main features of each municipality and, through various viewing modes, perceive its positioning in the whole country.​ 

Intraday data base containing all the listed derivative products and transactions handled by NYSE Liffe between January 2000 until December 2010.

ORBIS EUROPA - (Available on the UMinho Network)
This database provides detailed and comparable financial information on private companies and banking across Europe, currently containing information on circa 72 million entities. Orbis captures a wide variety of data, allowing users to calculate sector averages, creating ratios and customized variables, as well as making peer comparisons, statistical analysis and data exports in different formats.
QUADROS DE PESSOAL: 1985 - 2012 (Available in the EEG Data Lab under the framework of the Protocol with MSSS)

REFINITIV SDC PLATINIUM - (Available on the EEG Network)
It gathers data on new Assets, Mergers and Aquisitions, private equity, covering for various countries. Further 

REFINITIV WORKSPACE - D​ATASTREAM - (Available on the EEG Network)
It is a time series database which includes a wide variety of titles, financial instruments and indicators with international coverage. For example, at the stocks level, the database covers more than 100 000 assets from about 175 countries, with various data such as price, volume, dividend, results, et cetera.

SALES INDEX - (Available on the EEG Network)
The Sales Index is a working tool that integrates the main existing statistics in Portugal with socio‑economic relevance, thereby allowing for multiple added-value analysis for the definition of sustained geomarketing strategies. Among other possibilities, it permits to browse over 12,000 variables from over 100 sources of information, materialise reports of the database, edit in spreadsheet formats and analyse information by parish, County, district and region. 
For more information, please refer to​​:

ZEPHYR - (Available on the UMinho Network)
This database contains information on M&A, OPI, private equity and venture capital businesses.
Available in: