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 Research award

​​​The EEG Research Prize was first established in 2009. It is awarded to the research article chosen by a panel of Chairmen of Scientific Councils. Candidates are EEG faculty, researchers, post-doc students, or EEG Research Units' members. Reference to EEG/UMinho is mandatory in their research articles.
Winners of Research Award​:

Assigned in 2023

Scientific area of Political Science

Scientific area of Econommics

Scientific area of Management

Felipe, I. J. S., Mendes-Da-Silva, W., Leal, C. C., & Santos, D. B. (2022). Reward crowdfunding campaigns: Time-to-success analysisJournal of Business Research138, 214–228.

Scientific area of ​​Sustainability

Cortez, M. C., Andrade, N., & Silva, F. (2022). The environmental and financial performance of green energy investments: European evidence. Ecological Economics197, 107427.

Assigned in 2022​

Assigned in 2021​


Assigned in 2019​
Ricardo Sousa​
Assigned in 2018

Assigned in 2017

Assigned in 2016


Assigned in 2015
Assigned in 2014
Assigned in 2013
Assigned in 2011
Assigned in 2010
Assigned in 2009