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 PhD Programme in Economics



The PhD Programme in Economics, offered jointly with the Faculty of Economics of the University of Coimbra, aligns with EEG's mission to generate knowledge and foster transformative lifelong learning journeys. It aims to provide doctoral students with an advanced and comprehensive scientific education in Economics, enabling them to conduct high-quality research and develop innovative solutions. Through their scholarly endeavors, PhD students contribute to the generation of knowledge and the advancement of impactful and sustainable practices in businesses, organizations, and policy making, thereby fulfilling our mission to drive positive change in society.

The quality of the program is based on a highly qualified faculty with extensive experience in teaching the core components of the curriculum, as well as in scientific research, internationally recognized by the increasing number of publications in leading scientific journals.

At the University of Minho, faculty develop their research within the framework of the Economic Policy Research Unit (NIPE), ranking Very Good in the last evaluation of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). This research centre is the support structure of doctoral students rely upon, with particular emphasis, during the preparation of their Doctoral Thesis.

It is a four-year-long programme which excels for eight school semesters, corresponding to 240 ECTS. The first year is dedicated to coursework, whereas the last three years are devoted to the completion of the Doctoral Thesis. Students are also encouraged to participate in seminars in various fields of Economics.  

It is deemed important to mention that the Department of Economics of the University of Minho is one of the best in the country when it comes to research in Economics and the School of Economics and Management provides its students with an excellent hosting environment, where research resources are excellent.

The language of instruction in this programme is English.​
In the 2024/2025 academic year, the classes of the first semester will take place at the University of Coimbra and the classes of the second semester at the University of Minho.​

Applications and Vacancies

Tuition fees

Admission Criteria



Academic degree:
  • Doctorate
8 curricular semesters
Gualtar Campus, Braga (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Economics


    School of Economics and Management
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: +351 253604510 Fax: +351 253601380


The program aims to provide students with a solid background in modern economic theory and the analytical skills needed to understand and evaluate a wide range of economic issues. This training should enable students to develop innovative and frontier knowledge research as well as the ability to draw policy recommendations and project their implications. At the end of their training students will have skills adjusted to full integration into the labour market, whether academic, business or public.

Key learning outcomes

The Ph.D. programme aims to provide students with the skills required for full integration in the globalized job market. In particular, by the end of the programme, we expect students to be able to: 
1. Integrate new knowledge, handle complex situations and formulate judgements; 
2. Command the competencies, skills and research methods required in economic science; 
3. Develop learning and research skills that will allow them to conduct autonomous work of a scientific nature in economics; 
4. Identify limitations and weaknesses of economic theory, which can be used to foster original ideas; 
5. Demonstrate the ability to conceive, project, adapt and carry out relevant scientific research, respecting the demands imposed by standards of economic integrity; 
6. Pursue original research work that pushes forward the frontiers of science; 
7. Communicate in a clear way the conclusions of a research project.

Access to higher education

Not applicable.


A PhD in Economics is able to conduct high-level research and to perform professional work, in public or private organizations, involving reliable and demanding economic analysis.






Access forms

Access to this cycle of studies requires an application to the School of Economics and Management of the University of Minho. 
This information does not replace consultation of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Formal requirements

May apply for the PhD program:
- Holders of a master degree, or legal equivalent, in Economics or other related field;
- Holders of an undergraduate degree in Economics or other related field, having scientific or professional curriculum recognized as relevant and appropriate by the programme’s Scientific Commission;
- Holders of a scientific or professional curriculum recognized as relevant and appropriate by the programme’s Scientific Commission.
The ranking of candidates is based on the final classification by applying the following formula: Final Ranking = 0,80 [(0,60 a1) + (0,40 a2)] + 0,05 B + 0,05 C + 0,05 D + 0,05 E.
a1= Weight of the classification of the degree; a2= Weight of the classification of the masters
B. Other specific courses in the area of Economics
C. Relevant professional experience in the Ph.D. area
D. Publication of scientific papers in the field of Economics
E. Communications delivered on events of the area of Economy

Application deadlines

Registration deadlines

Aditional Information

Study Plan


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