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 Master in Management


The Master Degree in Management is intended for graduates in the areas of Management or Economics or related areas, with at least 48 ECTS in the area of Management, for the enhancement of advanced skils and enables them to perform professional roles in a wide range in high-level management related issues and in different functional areas of the organisation, including accounting and auditing, financial management, human resource management, logistics and marketing. The scope of expertise of holders of the Master in Management is broad and includes different types of organisations (large, medium and small; national, international and global; services, commercial and industrial wise) of the most diverse sectors of the economic activity.​​

Specialization Diploma: Completing the academic part of the course guarantees you the opportunity to apply for your Specialization Diploma in Management.

Areas of Specialisation in which this cycle of studies is structured:​​

- Specialisation in General Management​​
- Specialisation in Accounting and Management Control​​
- Specialisation in Ethics and Sustainability​​ 
- Specialiation in Financial Management​​
- Specialisation in Logistics
- Specialisation in Marketing ​​
- Specialisation in Recruitment and Personnel Integration​​ - not available in the lective year 2024/2025

Language of instruction: Portuguese​

Applications and Vacancies

Tuition fees​​


Admission Criteria​


Note: ​

The UC "Data Analysis and Transferable Skills" requires the attendance of modules credited to the course in the EEG DataPro programme and the EEGenerating Skills programme, which may run outside of the Scheduled Class.



Academic degree:
  • Master's degree
3 curricular semesters
Gualtar Campus, Braga (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Management


    School of Economics and Management
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: +351 253604510 Fax: +351 253601380


Promote the deepening and broadening of knowledge in the different areas of Management.
Promote the increase in autonomy and research capacity in Management.
Increase social responsibility, by improving the awareness of the general consequences of management decisions and actions.
Improve a systemic view of organizations.
Improve critical thinking and the capacity to analyse and solve practical management problems.
Enable the acquisition of in-depth knowledge in an elected area of specialization

Key learning outcomes

1. Develop a systemic view of the functioning of organizations, their context, and of the consequences of management decisions and actions.
2. Apply advanced knowledge in the different areas of Management in the analysis and resolution of practical and complex problems, based on the appropriate collection, analysis and interpretation of relevant information.
3. Develop leadership capacity, motivating the people around them towards the achievement of the organization’s objectives and the development of their own capacities and professional fulfilment.
4. Act conscientiously, exerting critical thinking and ethical conscience, taking as reference the global context and multicultural environments.
5. Demonstrate autonomy and initiative when approaching situations, anticipating and acting strategically to prevent or solve potential problems.
6. Demonstrate continued capacity to acquire new knowledge and competences, based on the development of management research skills.






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Study can be done at the Students Portal of the University of Minho 

This information does not replace consultation of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Formal requirements

Bachelors with a background in Management or in Economics or in related fields, with a minimum of 48 ECTS in the field of management.

Application deadlines

Information on Application Deadlines can be found at:

Registration deadlines

Information on Registration Deadlines can be found at:

Aditional Information

Study Plan


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Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Cr 54/2020/AL01
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