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 Master in Political Science

  How to apply

This course allows students to further advanced studies of political phenomena. It has been designed for Political Science and other social sciences graduates willing to excel and consolidate skills spanning from the elaboration, monitoring and evaluation of public policies to holding positions such as electoral marketing agents, political coa​ching consultants, political and electoral behaviour analysts, polls, among other highly specialised functions before entry into the labour market. It is also intended to all graduates, who however in the labour market, wish to enrich their scientific profile in a context of growing labour competitiveness.​​​

Language of instruction: Portuguese​

Tuition fees


Admission Criteria​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Formal procedures are awaited for the approval of the new study plan, which is in the approval phase and which will be released in due course.​​​ The study plan below is what is currently in place.

Note: ​

The UC "Data Analysis and Transferable Skills" requires the attendance of modules credited to the course in the EEG DataPro programme and the EEGenerating Skills programme.



Academic degree:
  • Master's degree
3 curricular semesters
Gualtar Campus, Braga (UM)
Main Scientific area:
  • Political Science and International Relations


    School of Economics and Management
    Campus de Gualtar
    4710 - 057 Braga

    Tel: +351 253604510 Fax: +351 253601380


The University of Minho is offering the Master Programme in Political Science for the first time in the school year of 2013-14, thus consolidating its educational offer in this field of knowledge

By providing further complementary and updated training in the field of political science and by promoting advanced research in this area, the programme seeks to be a source of postgraduate training both for those who have already completed a first cycle in political science and wish to deepen their knowledge and scientific preparation before entering the labour market, and for those who have already started their professional careers and wish to acquire further training and updated knowledge in political science, either by personal or social achievement, or as a way to widen and deepen highly qualified skills which may result in added value in the labour market.

Access to higher education

This Master degree provides basic training to carry out a course of 3rd cycle (PhD) in the same scientific area, or other areas






Access forms

The access to this Cycle of Study can be done at the Students Portal of the University of Minho

This information does not replace consultation of the Academic Regulations of the University of Minho and other official documents.

Formal requirements

Applicants to the Masters Dregree Course in Political Science must be graduated or possess a legal equivalent, in any area of social sciences, whether from a national or an international superior university. The Scientific Council of the EEG may admit the application, under proposal of the Directive Commission of the Masters Course, of applicants who are not graduated but whose academic, professional or scientific curriculum vitae attests the applicant's capacity to concretise the objectives of this course of studies.

Application deadlines

Information on Application Deadlines can be found at:

Registration deadlines

Information on Registration Deadlines can be found at:

Aditional Information

Study Plan


A3ES Accreditation status:
Resolution publication date:
Registry number at Ministry:
R/A-Ef 2452/2011
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