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Workshop I Economia e Ciências Empresariais Voltar

sexta-feira, 07/06/2019    Campus de Gualtar | EEG

A segunda edição do workshop dos alunos do Doutoramento em Economia, desenvolvido em conjunto pela EEG I UMinho e a Universidade de Coimbra, e dos alunos do Doutoramento em Ciências Empresariais, desenvolvido pela EEG I UMinho, contempla sessões de apresentação e discussão dos trabalhos realizados pelos alunos destes Programas de estudos, sob diferentes temas de Economia e Ciências Empresariais. O workshop é aberto a estudantes de Doutoramento de universidades portuguesas e estrangeiras.

Articles in all related fields of Economics and Business Administration will be considered. The workshop accepts articles by PhD students from Portuguese and foreign universities, and will consist of oral presentations of selected papers followed by a discussion by the attendees. Sessions will take place at the School of Economics and Management (UMinho). Papers and oral presentations should be in English.

The 16th NIPE's Summer School and PhD workshop will be offered sequentially. From June 3rd to 6th, Professor Professor Matias D. Cattaneo from University of Michigan will give a course on on "Regression Discontinuity Designs".

Applications to the Phd workshop

Applications should be sent to PhD-econ@eeg.uminho.pt, including a full paper or extended abstract enclosed with a short CV of the presenter(s). The deadline for submission is the 15th May 2019 and decisions will be announced before May 19th, 2019.


No fees will be charged.


Local expenses and travelling costs will not be covered.

Organizing committee

Miguel Portela (University of Minho) – mangelo@eeg.uminho.pt
Maria do Céu Cortez (University of Minho) – mccortez@eeg.uminho.pt
Núcleo de Investigação em Políticas Económicas e Empresariais (NIPE)
Escola de Economia e Gestão (EEG)
Universidade do Minho
Campus de Gualtar, 4710-057 Braga
Tel.: +351 253604518
Email: nipe@eeg.uminho.pt
Site: http://www.nipe.eeg.uminho.pt
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