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 Gabinete de Mobilidade Internacional

A Escola de Economia e Gestão (EEG) da Universidade do Minho é uma Escola moderna e vibrante, com objetivos definidos, cuja atividade académica se iniciou em 1982. Se estiveres interessado em candidatar-te aos nossos cursos de Licenciatura, deverás consultar o website da UMinho.

Se é teu intuito submeter candidatura aos nossos Cursos de Mestrado ou aos nossos Programas Doutorais, deverás contactar o Gabinete de Mobilidade Internacional (GMI), criado pela EEG para esclarecer as tuas dúvidas.

Se estiveres interessado em te candidatar a Doutoramento em Cotutelle ou Doutoramento Europeu, ou fazer um Estágio Doutoral ou Pós Doutoramento, deverás contactar o Gabinete de Mobilidade Internacional.

O GMI acompanha o teu processo de candidatura online, prestar informações sobre o processo de seleção e sobre o teu processo de admissão, bem como a tua inscrição online na Universidade do Minho. Tem ainda como objetivo ajudar-te em questões relacionadas com a emissão do teu Visto de Estudo, e quando chegares a Braga, aconselhar-te a levar a cabo outras formalidades.

Se estiveres interessado em fazer Erasmus +, por favor consulta este website e contacta também o Gabinete de Mobilidade Internacional.

Estela Vieira
Telefone: ​253 601 ​904​

 Calls de Mobilidade

Vilnius University 

Inclusive Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility in DeepTech 
Online Course 

Unlock Your Leadership Potential with Vilnius University 

Embark on a transformative learning journey designed for Master's and Doctoral students, HR leaders, R&D specialists, consultants, and tech professionals. 

- Foster Creative and Inclusive Leadership: Cultivate leadership that embraces diversity and drives innovation. 
- Harness the Shared Value Economy: Learn to create economic value in a way that also produces value for society by addressing its challenges. 
- Navigate Challenges in Deep-Tech Companies: Equip yourself with the tools to address and overcome the unique challenges faced by deep-tech organizations. 

What’s in It for You? 
- Gain strategic insights through divergent thinking-led lectures and real-world cases. 
- Learn to apply strategies for fostering an inclusive work environment and leveraging technology for social impact. 
- Elevate your competitive edge by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Dr. Mindaugas Lauzikas and Jurgita Petrauskiene 

5 ECTS | Online | English 
From 16 April to 9 May 
Every Tuesday & Thursday Evening 
18:00 - 21:00 EET 

Enroll Now & Lead the Change in Deep-Tech: [Register] 
The trainings are free of charge and are financed by the EIT project UNITeD. 


 • Implementation of Joint Programmes
Application deadline: 31st May
More info 

 • 8th Edition of the Arqus Cafés
Deadline: 7th June 2024
More info 

• 8th Edition of the Arqus Cafés: Call for tutors
More info 

• Arqus Joint Master’s Programme in International Cybersecurity and Cyberintelligence (2nd Call) 
Application deadline: 15th May 

• 1st Arqus Call for Virtual Exchange & Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) courses; Online courses & Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Modules Development 
Application deadline: 17th May 

• Arqus Communities of Practice: 5th Call for Expressions of Interest 
Application deadline: 24th May 

• Implementation of Joint Programmes 
Application deadline: 31st May 

• 8th Edition of the Arqus Cafés 
Application deadline: 2 weeks before each café session (the 8th edition ends 21st June) 

• Arqus Innovation Fund - Call 2024 
Applications open on 30th April until 30th June 

• Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund - Third call 2024 (Master’s students) 
Application deadline: 3rd July 

Events and other activities with open registration: 

• Third Arqus Alumni Talk “Alchemy of Passions” on how to communicate about your startup 
When: 16th April at 15:00 CEST 

• 6th webinar of the English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) series: “The continuous struggle against language barriers: being a non-native English-speaking researcher in Academia” 
When: 18th April at 13:00 CEST 

• ISLYE Digital Session 4: Starting Business in Italy -Northern Italy- Trivene 
When: 23rd April at 11:00 CEST 
No registration is needed 

• 3rd Arqus and Enlight University Alliances Open Science webinar: “Open Source Software and Open Licenses – A practical approach” When: 29th April at 10:00 CEST 

• 7th webinar of the “9 Months, 9 Universities” series: “Multilingual communication in spaces of crisis – taken for granted, secondary or essential for survival?” 
When: 29th April at 12:30 CEST (Live Arqus YouTube channel) 
No registration is needed 

• Final conference with EC and Erasmus+ pilots "A blueprint for a European degree" 
When: 29th April at 10:00 CEST 
Registration by 22nd April 

Events and activities at Arqus universities: 

• Vilnius University Erasmus+ Staff Training Week 
When: 13th to 17th May 
Registration by 26th April 

• University of Granada Ceuta Campus Erasmus+ Staff Training Week on “Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) and new mobility opportunities within Erasmus+” 
When: 10th to 15th June 
Registration by 28th April 

Other important issues: 

• Stay tuned for the upcoming launch of the first Green Mobility Days Award call and local events at your campuses this month. 

• The 27th episode of the Arqus Knowledge Pills “Should artificial intelligence decide?” is already out! More info 

• We are hiring! Arqus is seeking to fill the Communications Officer position within the Arqus Coordination Team at the University of Granada. Application deadline: 15th April. More info and application

Workshops, training and other events with open registration: 

 • EMI Seminar Series 5: English-medium instruction (EMI) – the perspective of the English language teacher (14th March at 13:00 CET)
More info and registration 

 • SLYE digital sessions 
23rd April, 14:00 CET: Starting Business in Italy -Northern Italy- Trivene o More info 

 • EMI Seminar Series 6: The continuous struggle against language barriers: being a non-native English-speaking researcher in Academia (18th April at 13:00 CET)
More info and registration 

Other news: 

 • The Arqus Knowledge Pills episode “How does motherhood impact women’s lives?” is out 

 • Arqus publishes the results of the 1st call for ad hoc bottom-up initiatives 2023 

 • Maynooth University hosts two special events in Brussels to celebrate International Women’s Day 2024 

 • The Wrocław Vice-Rector for Projects and International Relations, Professor Patrycja Matusz, is appointed Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Science 

 • The Board of the Arqus Joint Master’s Programme in European Studies meets in Granada 

• The University of Minho celebrates its 50th Anniversary 

 • Interview with Dr Małgorzata Dowlaszewicz about the Arqus Joint Programmes 

 • Arqus launches the Arqus Mobility Observatory 

 • Pro-Rector of UMinho appointed to continue at the EUA Learning & Teaching Steering Committee 

 • Arqus Inclusion & Diversity Hub Board meeting review 

Events in partner universities with open registration: 

 • Minho Blended Intensive Programme on “Host-Fungus Interactions and Virulence: One Health Approach” 
Application deadline: 20th April 


Calls and events with open application: 

8th edition of the Arqus Cafés: 
When: 11th March to 21st June 2024. The registration for students opens on 26th February 2024. Prior to that, there will be Call for tutors. We will announce it soon. 
To whom: (Tutors and) Arqus students. 
Application deadline for students: one week before each session. 

Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) Mentoring Programme: Turning ideas into businesses: 
When: online from 15th April 2024 with weekly synchronous and asynchronous sessions before the on-site activities from 24th to 28th June in the city of Guimarães (Portugal). 
To whom: 3 students/researchers per Arqus institution and a tutor (staff, alumni, researcher or teacher) to lead the group. 
The information will be published soon. 

2nd Arqus Summer School on Democracy: Ukraine on the Road to the European Union: 
When: 2nd to 8th June 2024. 
To whom: 10 Arqus PhD students. 
Application deadline: 29th February 2024. 

Arqus PhD Week for Careers outside academia: 
When: 10th to 14th June 2024. 
To whom: Arqus PhD students. 
Application deadline: 25th February 2024. 

Events at Arqus Universities: 

University of Minho “Blended Intensive Programme (BIP) on Host-Fungus Interactions and Virulence: One Health Approach”: 
When: In-person from 20th to 24th May and online from 27th to 30th May 2024. 
To whom: Postgraduate students (15 eligible scholarships). 
Application deadline: 20th April 2024. 

University of Lyon 1 MuSkLE (Musculo-Skeletal system, Locomotion, Exercise) Summer School: 
When: 2nd to 7th June 2024. 
To whom: Students. 
Application deadline: 15th February 2024. 

Other activities: 

New Arqus Knowledge Pills podcast episode “How can bioplastics contribute to a more sustainable future” with Dominique Rocher, one of the PhD students awarded the Arqus Talent Scholarship Fund. News. 

Fourth webinar of the “9 months, 9 universities” series: “Collaborative assessment practices in Spanish-English translation class” by Dr David Conlon (Maynooth University). 

3rd EDLab webinar “European Degree Label global attractiveness”. Watch the webinar.

Erasmus IN​