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EEg Business Day 2024 Back

Wednesday, 11/13/2024    Campus de Gualtar | Braga
The School of Economics and Management (EEG) of the University of Minho is holding its EEGBusinessDay on November 13, 2024.

EEG Business Day is an event organized by the School of Economics and Management whose main objective is to support undergraduate and master's students in their interaction with the job market. It is an initiative within the scope of EEG's Transversal Skills Programme, EEGenerating Skills, which brings business and non-governmental organizations to the school to discuss relevant topics on employability, career prospects and new business models.

The event consists of a one-day meeting with leading companies that employ professionals in the fields of political science, economics and management. The event is organized in two blocks of parallel sessions, in which the companies organize activities in which they make themselves known, describe the work routine in the organization, as well as their expectations of candidates in recruitment processes and give tips on developing skills for a better approach to the job market. The event also features a plenary session consisting of a round table with leaders from leading organizations discussing a topical issue.
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