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Founded in 1982, EEG|UMinho – School of Economics and Management, University of Minho– is nowadays among the best universities in Portugal in the areas of Economics, Management, and Political Science. The School is responsible for 8 undergraduate programmes, 15 Master’s programmes, and 5 PhD programmes, attended by over 2800 students, 11% of whom are foreign nationals. It has a faculty body of 92 PhD holding full-time professors, most with PhDs from the best universities in Europe and America, including Oxford, Lancaster, Manchester, Warwick, Stockholm, London School of Economics, Tinbergen Institute, Cornell, State of New York, and Florida State.

EEG|UMinho provides its scholars with solid theoretical and technical training, along with opportunities to develop transversal skills. It is worth highlighting the data analysis, the focus on English language and international experiences, the opportunity to apply knowledge, and the close contact with the business/organisational world.

EEG|UMinho stands out for its excellence in research, being the home of the best research center in the country in the area of Political Science (CICP - FCT assessment: Excellent) and the third-best in the areas of Economics and Management (NIPE -FCT assessment: Very Good). EEG|UMinho is organised in three departments: the Department of Economics, the Department of Management, and the Department of Political Science.

UMinhoExec, an executive unit of the University of Minho, headquartered in the School of Economics and Management, is a vehicle of knowledge to society in general and to the business world in particular. Besides executive and Taylor-made training, UMinhoExec develops highly specialised consultancy work for enterprises and public and civil society organisations, thus completing the university's third mission of interaction with society.