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EEGenerating Skills is EEG’s Transferable Skills Development Programme. It aims at generating skills that are themselves generating opportunities for individual and professional success. These skills are a landmark devised by EEG to facilitate a better integration and performance in the labour market.

Transferable skills are skills that are useful and applicable across different subject areas and different professional contexts, and include communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, critical and ethical thinking, and creativity among others.

Transferable skills are a crucial differentiating element in the job market, boosting the employability of those who hold them.​​

EEG publishes job/internship opportunities to its students and alumni through the Careers Office’s platform.

We recommend UMinho's Jobs Portal (Bolsa de Emprego).

EEG students have exclusive access to EFMD's HigherEd platform.​​

Activities prepared and performed by the EEG Careers Office.​​


​​EEG Business Day
A get together activity with companies that aims to bring students closer to their job market expectations.

Top managers of reference organisations share their life stories and professional experiences.

​​Volunteer Day​​​
It is organised in partnership with a non-profit institution to promote and enhance the prospects of volunteer work.

Civil Society Organisations and Projects come to EEG to share their experiences and success stories.

EEG alumni who have undergone Erasmus mobilities share their experiences as Erasmus students with current Students.

EEG graduated professionals revisit EEG to share their career paths with current students.
Study visits to EEG partner organisations that allow to directly observe how organisations work in line with a hands-on-business approach.

EEG Employment Fair
AAims to bring students closer to the labour market and promoting the meeting between them and companies.

​​Workshops and Courses​​​
These sessions combine the exposition of practical content with its immediate application, focused on promoting transversal skills.