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Face-to-face service at EEG Pedagogical Council must be done by prior appointment. We advise our students to use e-mail or Microsoft Teams as a means of communication.
Please find below our contacts in Microsoft Teams. ​

Student Affairs Unit



Microsoft Teams











Pedagogical Council











Mode of Service Provision

Undergraduate Programmes (Bachelor Degrees)

Maria do Céu Maias Carvalho – f2009











Monday to Friday: 10h00 - 12h00 and 14h30 - 16h30


Graduate Programmes (Master degrees)



Public Administration

Political Science

International relations

Salomé Antunes da Silva Fernandes Pereira – f6148

Graduate Programmes (Master degrees)


Industrial & Firm Economics

Monetary, Banking & Financial Economics

Social economics

International Business

Filipa Daniela Pereira e Sá – f5182

Graduate Programmes (Master Degrees)


GHealth Care Units Management

Marketing and Strategy

Cristina Jesus Monteiro Pacheco – f2631

Graduate Programmes (Master Degrees)


Human Resource Management

Business & Management

Eulália Alexandra Fernandes Pinto – f1603

Graduate Programmes (PhD Degrees)

Maria José Lage Alves – f1448

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