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EEG Mission

EEG’s mission is to generate knowledge and develop innovative and transformational life-long learning journeys that support impactful and sustainable practices in businesses, organizations and policy making.

EEG Vision

EEG’s Vision is to be a leading Portuguese University-based School of Economics, Management and Political Science with an international scope and relevance. EEG aspires to have a key impact on research, education and transformation in organizations and society.

EEG Values

​​. Critical Thinking
We promote critical thinking and a multiplicity of insights and perspectives in research, education and overall academic participation..

. Impact
We are committed to have an impact at regional, national and international levels. We produce and cultivate international-level research and establish national and international educational partnerships. We contribute to the social, cultural and economic development in the northern area of Portugal. We value and disseminate knowledge through education and across connections with businesses, organizations, and social and political actors.

. Innovation
We continuously look for new ways of delivering our offers. We seek for relevant multidisciplinary streams of innovative research. We want to bring together new ways of co-creating the student and other stakeholders’ journeys and experiences when they come across our School.

. Ambition
We are ambitious in our endeavors. Over the years we have been expanding in scope and impact. We aim at always getting better and going the extra mile. We want to learn about economic, managerial and social challenges that communities/societies face and contribute with solutions.
​. Diversity
Our community is diverse and inclusive. Our staff and students come from different and diverse backgrounds. Our research is theoretical, applied and interdisciplinary, produced within and across disciplines in Economics, Management and Political Science. We value our members’ different profiles – research, practitioner, public - and their wide range of participation in external institutions and initiatives.​

​. Integrity and Transparency
We demonstrate integrity and transparency throughout our endeavors: research, education and institutional management. Our actions are guided by the principles of ethical conduct of the University of Minho.