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Joaquim Filipe Araújo
Ph.D in Public Administration (University of Exeter)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Full Professor
   253604527 , 253604510
I am a Professor of Public Administration at University of Minho. My research focuses on Public Management at central and local level. I work with the intersection of the literature of administrative sciences, public management and organizational studies. I study administrative reform and the change process in public organization from the institutional and managerial perspectives. I am have been interested on study the strategies and processes of administrative reform on public services management and in service delivery. My current research projects in this area examine how recent crisis is influencing public service delivery. In addition, I have an ongoing interest on open government and transparency with a focus at local government.
Public Administration; Public Management; Administrative Reform; Govenance; Transparency; Local Government
Selected publications
Tejedo-Romero, F., & Araújo, J. F. F. E. (2015). Determinants of Local Governments transparency in times of crisis: evidence from municipality level panel data. Administration and Society, 1–28. DOI
Silvestre, H. C., & de Araújo, J. F. F. E. (2012). Public-private partnerships/private finance initiatives in Portugal: Theory, practice, and results. Public Performance &Amp; Management Review, 36(2), 316–339. DOI
Araújo, J. F. F. E., & Branco, J. F. A. (2009). Implementing performance-based management in the traditional bureaucracy of Portugal. Public Administration, 87(3), 557–573. DOI
de Araújo, J. F. F. E. (2001). Improving public service delivery: The crossroads between NPM and traditional bureaucracy. Public Administration, 79(4), 915–932. DOI
Araújo, J. F. F. E. de. (2000). Tendências Recentes de Abordagem à Reforma Administrativa. Revista Portuguesa De Administração e Políticas Públicas, 1(1), 38–47. DOI
Public Management and Administration
Public Administration of the European Union
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Advanced Topics of Public Management
Research Project
Innovation and Change Management in Public Administration
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Public Employment Systems
Theories and Models of Public Management