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Benilde Oliveira
Ph.D in Business Administration - Specialization in Finance (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604510 ext.601922 , 253604550
Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Economics and Management, Department of Management, University of Minho since March 2009. PhD in Business Administration (specialization in Finance) - University of Minho (2009). Erasmus-IN coordinator for the Management Department since July 2012.
Performance Evaluation
Risk Management
Downside Risk Measures
Selected publications
Adcock, C., Areal, N., Cortez, M. C., Oliveira, B., & Silva, F. (2020). Does the choice of fund performance measure matter? Investment Analysts Journal, 49(1), 53–77. DOI
Areal, N., Oliveira, B., & Sampaio, R. (2015). When times get tough, gold is golden. European Journal of Finance, 21(6), 507–526. DOI
Adcock, C., Areal, N., Armada, M., Cortez, M. C., Oliveira, B., & Silva, F. (2012). Tests of the Correlation between Portfolio Performance Measures. Journal of Financial Transformation, 35, 123–132. DOI
Oliveira, B. M. N., & da Rocha Armada, M. J. (2005). Structural changes of the conditional volatility of Portuguese stock market. Multinational Financial Journal, 9(3-4), 189–214. DOI
Oliveira, B., & Armada, M. R. (2001). The impact of the futures market´s introduction on the conditional volatility of the Portuguese stock market. Finance India, 15(4), 1251–1278. DOI
Financial Analysis and Planning
Financial Evaluation of Projects
Finance in Healthcare Organizations
International Finance
International Financial Management