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Lígia Pinto
Ph.D in Economic Sciences (University of South Carolina)
Department of Economics
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   253 604 586 , 253 604 584
Selected publications
Botelho, A., Pinto, L., Lourenço-Gomes, L., Sousa, S., & Valente, M. (2016). Public Perceptions of Environmental Friendliness of Renewable Energy Power Plants. Energy Procedia, 106, 73–86. DOI
Botelho, A., Ferreira, P., Lima, F., Pinto, L. M. C., & Sousa, S. (2015). Assessment of the environmental impacts associated with hydropower. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. DOI
Botelho, A., Dinar, A., Pinto, L. M. C., & Rapoport, A. (2014). Time and uncertainty in resource dilemmas: equilibrium solutions and experimental results. Experimental Economics, 1–24. DOI
Botelho, A., Dinis, I., & Pinto, L. C. (2012). The impact of information and other factors on on-farm agrobiodiversity conservation: evidence from a duration analysis of Portuguese fruit growers. Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 10(1), 3–17. DOI
Botelho, A., Harrison, G. W., Pinto, L. M. C., & Rutström, E. E. (2009). Testing static game theory with dynamic experiments: A case study of public goods. Games and Economic Behavior, 67(1). DOI
Environmental Economics
Economics Applied to Environmental Sciences
Environmental Economics and Policy
Introduction to Economics
Project in Applied Economics
Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability
Topics in Industrial and Firm Economics