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Sílvia Mendes Camões
Ph.D in Political Science (Binghamton University - State University of New York)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   601944 , 253604510
I am an associate professor of Political Science and the Director of the Research Center in Political Science.
My research covers three subareas in Political Science: public policy (deterrence theory, particularly, the policy effects of and on law enforcement and juvenile delinquency); political behavior (determinants of citizen trust in political institutions across countries and how trust shapes people’s attitudes and actions); public administration (accountability, as well as performance measurement and management, particularly the effects of organizational culture and bureaucratic autonomy on public performance).
You can find some of my work in journals such as the British Journal of Political Science, Policy Studies Journal, Electoral Studies, European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research, Criminal Justice Policy Review, International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Public Money and Management.
I am currently involved in two research projects. One has to do with legitimacy and trust in the police and the sentiment of fear, and the other had to do with juvenil delinquency and youth justice. I also head up the Portuguese team of the international research network International Self-Reported Delinquency (ISRD) within the European Society of Criminology since 2006.
public policy
criminal policy
policy evaluation
political trust
performance and accountability in public administration
Selected publications
Soares, M., Barbosa, M., Matos, R., & Mendes, S. M. (2018). Public protest and police violence: Moral disengagement and its role in police repression of public demonstrations in Portugal. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 24(1), 27–35. DOI
Anderson, C. J., & Mendes, S. M. (2006). Learning to lose: Election outcomes, democratic experience and political protest potential. British Journal of Political Science, 36(1), 91–111. DOI
McDonald, M. D., Mendes, S. M., & Budge, I. (2004). What Are Elections for? Conferring the Median Mandate. British Journal of Political Science, 34(1), 1–26. DOI
Mendes, S. M., & McDonald, M. D. (2001). Putting Severity of Punishment Back in the Deterrence Package. Policy Studies Journal, 29(4), 588–610. DOI