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Maria Cristina Moreira
Ph.D in Economics (Universidade de Navarra)
Department of Economics
  Assistant Professor
   253 604 569 , 253 604 584
Member of the Economics Department at Minho University and of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences – Pólo UMinho. Member of the board of the Masters in Social Economics (MSE) Former director of MSE and of the Research Unit in European Economy, Industry and International. Former Vice-president of the General Assembly of APHES. Stakeholder of the project Economic Outcomes Flowing from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815, having Patrick O´Brien as coordinator, London School of Economics, London. Principal Investigator of projects PTDC/HIS-HIS/118984/2010,POCTI/HAR/59281/2004 e POCTI/HEC/59348/2004. Former president of the Economic and Business Historical Society, USA. Supervisor of three concluded PhD thesis and several Masters thesis. Acted as jury in PhDs and Masters. Post-Doctorate supervisor for Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez, " The Marco of ships and their contribution to the tax system in the Erário Régio (1761-1833". Colaborates as referee in Portugal and abroad.
Economical and social history in the 18th and 19th century: external trade; economy and war
Economics and tourism
Social economics
Selected publications
Moreira, M. C., Eloranta, J., Ojala, J., & Karvonen, L. (2015). Early modern trade flows between smaller states: The Portuguese- Swedish trade in the eighteenth century as an exemple. Revue De l'OFCE, 140, 87–109 . DOI
Moreira, M. C., do Rego Machado, M. V., & Cordeiro, J. M. L. (2013). The Portuguese Empire (1760-1815): The Contractor State in Peace and Wartime” in "Forum The Contract State, c. 1650-1815"Forum The Contract State, c. 1650-1815. International Journal of Maritime History, (25 (1), 265–270. DOI
de Almeida Moreira, M. C. G. (2013). Relaciones Comerciales Luso-Españolas (1774-1860). Editorial Academica Espanola - EAE . DOI
Moreira, C., & Eloranta, J. (2012). Contracts and the Role of the State: Portuguese military provisions supply system in the early nineteenth century. In R. Harding & S. S. Ferri (Eds.), The contractor state and its implications: 1659-1815 (pp. 199–221). Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: Universidad. DOI
Moreira, C., & Eloranta, J. (2011). Importance of «weak» states during conflicts: Portuguese trade with the United States during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Revista De Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, ( 29), 393–342. DOI
Tourism Economics
Social Economics History
Economic History
Cultural Heritage and Regional Development Policies
Topics in Economics
Specialised Translation (Mod. 1)