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Nelson Areal
Ph.D in Accounting and Finance (Lancaster University)
Department of Management
  Associate Professor
   253 601 923 , 253604550
I have a PhD in Accounting and Finance (Lancaster University, 2006; thesis title “Essays on FTSE-100 volatility and options valuation”); MSc in Business Administration with specialization in Corporate Finance (University of Minho, 1998); BSc in Management by the University of Minho (1992). My career also includes two years (1992-1994) as an Information Systems Auditor at Ernst & Young.
risk measurement and forecasting
option valuation using numerical methods
performance measurement
social responsible investments
sentiment measures
management education
Selected publications
Oliveira, N., Cortez, P., & Areal, N. (2017). The impact of microblogging data for stock market prediction: Using Twitter to predict returns, volatility, trading volume and survey sentiment indices. Expert Systems with Applications, 73, 125–144. DOI
Carvalho, A., & Areal, N. (2016). Great Places to Work®: Resilience in Times of Crisis. Human Resource Management, 55(3), 479–498. DOI
Oliveira, N., Cortez, P., & Areal, N. (2016). Stock market sentiment lexicon acquisition using microblogging data and statistical measures. Decision Support Systems, 85, 62–73. DOI
Cortez, M. C., Silva, F., & Areal, N. M. P. C. (2009). The performance of european socially responsible funds. Journal of Business Ethics, 87(4), 573–588. DOI
Portela, M. A., Areal, N. M. P. C., Sá, C., Alexandre, F., Cerejeira, J., Carvalho, A., & Rodrigues, A. (2008). Evaluating student allocation in the Portuguese public higher education system. Higher Education, 56(2), 185–203. DOI
Advanced Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Data Analysis in Healthcare
Business Case
Complements of Finance
Financial Management
Financial Investments
Thesis Project