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Isabel Macedo
Ph.D in Social Policy (University of Warwick)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Assistant Professor
   , 253604510
Selected publications
Macedo, I. M. (2017). Predicting the acceptance and use of information and communication technology by older adults: An empirical examination of the revised UTAUT2. Computers in Human Behavior, 75, 935–948. DOI
Macedo, I. M., Pinho, J. C., & Silva, A. M. (2016). Revisiting the link between mission statements and organizational performance in the non-profit sector: The mediating effect of organizational commitment. European Management Journal, 34(1), 36–46. DOI
Pinho, J. C. M. R., Martins, L., & Macedo, I. M. (2011). The effect of online service quality factors on internet usage: The web delivery system of the taxation department. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, 28(7), 706–722. DOI
Macedo, I. M., & Pinho, J. C. M. R. (2006). The relationship between resource dependence and market orientation: The specific case of non-profit organisations. European Journal of Marketing, 40(5-6), 533–553. DOI
Pinho, J. C. M. R., & Macedo, I. M. (2006). The benefits and barriers associated with the use of the internet within the non-profit sector. Journal of Nonprofit and Public Sector Marketing, 16(1-2), 171–193. DOI
Human Resources Administration
Public Finance
Management of Quality in Public Services
Nonprofit Organizations Governance
Introduction to Public Administration
Research Methodology and Proposal in Political Science
Public Policies and Sustainability
Applied Project