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Lídia Oliveira
Ph.D in Business Administration - Specialization in Accounting (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604510 ext.601941 , 253604550
Lídia Oliveira has a degree in Management from Faculty of Economics of Porto, a master in Accounting and Auditing from University of Minho, and a PhD degree in Business Administration – Accounting from University of Minho. She teaches several courses in the Accounting area and her main areas of interest are Financial Reporting, Voluntary Disclosure, Intangibles and Intellectual Capital, Corporate Governance, and Public Sector Accounting. She is the course director of the master in Accounting since 2011.
Financial Reporting
Voluntary Disclosure
Intangibles and Intellectual Capital
Corporate Governance
Public Sector Accounting
Selected publications
Florêncio, M., Oliveira, L., & Oliveira, H. C. (2023). Management Control Systems and the Integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into Business Models. Sustainability, 15(3), 2246. DOI
Oliveira, L., Almeida, J., & Caria, A. (2023). The environment in Petrobrás magazine (1961-1979): Meaning mobilized by corporate discourse. Revista Brasileira De Gestão De Negócios, 25 (1), 52–71. DOI
Martins, A., Gomes, D., Oliveira, L., Caria, A., & Parker, L. (2020). Resistance strategies through the CEO communications in the media. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, 71(102092). DOI
Oliveira, L. C., Rodrigues, L. L., & Craig, R. J. (2010). Intangible assets and value relevance: Evidence from the Portuguese stock exchange. British Accounting Review, 42(4), 241–252. DOI
Oliveira, L. C., Rodrigues, L. L., & Craig, R. J. (2010). Intellectual capital reporting in sustainability reports. Journal of Intellectual Capital, 11(4), 575–594. DOI
Financial Accounting I
Financial Accounting III
Taxation I
Research Methodology and Proposal in Management
Reporting and Accountability
Financial and Sustainability Reporting
Management Seminar