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Cristiana Cerqueira Leal
Ph.D in Business Administration (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604510 ext.601917 , 253604550
Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Economics and Management, Department of Management, University of Minho. PhD in Business Administration; BSc in Management by the University of Minho. Her main areas of interest are Behavioral Finance; Investment Decision and Portfolio Management. She has granted some awards, namely, Best Paper Award – PFN 2016; nomination for the Best Scientific Research on Portuguese Capital Markets - Euronext Lisbon Awards 2014. Some of her research work has also been publicized in the national media.
Behavioral Finance; Investment Decision; Portfolio Management
Selected publications
Mendes-Da-Silva, W., Felipe, I., Leal, C. C., & Aguiar, M. O. (2024). How the tone of mass media news affects pledge amounts in reward crowdfunding campaigns. Journal of Small Business Management, 61(1), 254–282. DOI
dos Santos Felipe, I. J., Mendes-Da-Silva, W., Leal, C. C., & Santos, D. B. (2022). Reward crowdfunding campaigns: Time-to-success analysis. Journal of Business Research, 138, 214–228. DOI
Leal, C. C., Armada, M. J. R., & Loureiro, G. (2018). Individual investors repurchasing behaviour: evidence from the Portuguese stock market. European Journal of Finance, 24(11), 976–999. DOI
Leal, C. C., Loureiro, G., & Armada, M. J. R. (2018). Selling Winners, Buying Losers: Mental Decision Rules Of Individual Investors On Their Holdings. European Financial Management, 24(3), 362–386. DOI
Leal, C. C., Armada, M. J. R., & Duque, J. C. (2010). Are all individual investors equally prone to the disposition effect all the time? New evidence from a small market. Frontiers in Finance and Economics, 7(2), 38–68. DOI
Behavioural Finance
Finance in Healthcare Organizations
Fundamentals of Financial Management
Introduction to Financial Management
Principles of Finance