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Paulo Mourão
Ph.D in Economics (University of Minho)
Department of Economics
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   253 601934 , 253 604 584
Paulo Reis Mourao was born in Vila Real (Portugal). He is the author of several scientific articles indexed by ISI Thompson and of some books. His works are focused on Economics, Public Finance, Social Economics and Sports Economics. He appears often in national and international media for commenting social and economic issues. Paulo Mourao has been awarded several times for his scientific works.
Economics; Public Economics and Social Economics; Public Finance; Sports Economics
Selected publications
Mourão, P. R., & Martinho, V. D. (2021). Discussing a challenging document focused on land use: The first bibliometric analysis of Laudato Si′. Land Degradation and Development, 32(16), 4680–4692. DOI
de Oliveira, N. S. M. N., & Mourão, P. R. (2021). Taylor’s rule, political cycle, and Latin America — An analysis of time series in search of responsibility for monetary stabilization. PLoS One, 16(12), e0259314. DOI
Mourao, P. R., & Martinho, V. D. (2020). Forest entrepreneurship: A bibliometric analysis and a discussion about the co-authorship networks of an emerging scientific field. Journal of Cleaner Production, 256. DOI
Mourao, P. R., & Martinho, V. D. (2019). Forest fire legislation: Reactive or proactive? Ecological Indicators, 104, 137–144. DOI
Mourão, P. R. R. (2012). How the cake is distributed: The case of Portuguese decentralized grants. Environment and Planning A, 44(2), 477–490. DOI