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Marco Escadas
Ph.D in Ph.D. in Marketing and Strategy (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604550 , 253604510
Selected publications
Cayolla, R., Escadas, M., Biscaia, R., Kellison, T., Quintela, J. A., & Santos, T. (2023). Fans' perceptions of pro-environmental sustainability initiatives in sport and triple bottom line benefits. International Journal of Sports Marketing and Sponsorship, 24(2), 395–421. DOI
Silva, J., Sá, E. S., Escadas, M., & Carvalho, J. (2021). The influence of ambient scent on the passengers’ experience, emotions and behavioral intentions: An experimental study in a Public Bus service. Transport Policy, 106, 88–98. DOI
Escadas, M., Jalali, M. S., & Farhangmehr, M. (2020). What goes around comes around: The integrated role of emotions on consumer ethical decision-making. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 19(5), 409–422. DOI
Escadas, M., Jalali, M. S., & Farhangmehr, M. (2019). Antecedents of Consumer Ethical Decision-Making: A Multidimensional Analysis of Emotions, Moral Intensity, Moral Philosophies, Personal Norms, and Intrinsic Religiosity. In P. Rossi & N. Krey (Eds.), Finding New Ways to Engage and Satisfy Global Customers. Developments in Marketing Science: Proceedings of the Academy of Marketing Science. (pp. 543–552 ). Springer. DOI
Escadas, M., Jalali, M. S., & Farhangmehr, M. (2019). Why bad feelings predict good behaviours: The role of positive and negative anticipated emotions on consumer ethical decision making. Business Ethics, 28(4), 529–545. DOI
Advanced Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Business Case
Consumer Behaviour
Corporate Strategy
Strategic Marketing
Applied Marketing Research