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Odd Rune Straume
Ph.D in Economics (University of Bergen)
Department of Economics
  Full Professor
   253 601 384 , 253 604 584
Member of the Department of Economics and the research centre NIPE at the University of Minho. Director of NIPE from 2013 to 2019. Research Fellow at CESifo (Munich) since 2009. Editor of Journal of Health Economics since 2024. Associate Editor of Journal of Health Economics in the period 2019-2023 and of Bulletin of Economic Research in the period 2016-2022. Co-Editor of Portuguese Economic Journal in the period 2008-2016.
Industrial organization
Labour markets
Competition and regulation in health care markets.
Selected publications
Brekke, K. R., Holmås, T. H., Monstad, K., & Straume, O. R. (2017). Do treatment decisions depend on physicians' financial incentives? Journal of Public Economics, 155, 74–92. DOI
Brekke, K. R., Holmås, T. H., & Straume, O. R. (2015). Price regulation and parallel imports of pharmaceuticals. Journal of Public Economics, 129, 92–105. DOI
Brekke, K. R., Holmås, T. H., & Straume, O. R. (2011). Reference pricing, competition, and pharmaceutical expenditures: Theory and evidence from a natural experiment. Journal of Public Economics, 95(7-8), 624–638. DOI
Brekke, K. R., Siciliani, L., & Straume, O. R. (2008). Competition and waiting times in hospital markets. Journal of Public Economics, 92(7), 1607–1628. DOI
Lommerud, K. E., Straume, O. R., & Sørgard, L. (2006). National versus international mergers in unionized oligopoly. RAND Journal of Economics, 37(1), 212–233. DOI
Economics of markets and competition
Industrial Economics
Information, Markets and Strategies
Research Methodology and Proposal in Economics
Advanced Microeconomics I