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Alena Vieira
Ph.D in Political Science (University Erlangen-Nuremberg)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Assistant Professor
   253604553 , 253604584
Alena Vieira holds PhD in Political Science from the University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany. She is Integrated Research of the CICP/UMinho. She was Visiting Researcher da Finnish Institute of International Affairs, Instituto Estudos Estratégicos e Internacionais (Lisbon), e Universidade Católica de Leuven. She has been granted scholarship and research grants by the following foundations: Chair Inbev-Baillet Latour; Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung; Haniel-Stiftung; Compania di San Paulo, Riksbanken Jubileumsfond e Volkswagen-Stiftung, as well as Fundação para Ciência e Tecnologia. Her book “Russland, Belarus und die EU-Osterweiterung” was published by Ibidem-Verlag (2009), and she has also publishes as articles in several journals, including Europe-Asia Studies, Post-Soviet Affairs, Revista Brasileira da Política Internacional, Contexto Internacional, EIOP, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, International Spectator, e European Politics and Societies.
European Union
comparative approaches
Selected publications
Vieira, A. (2016). Ukraine, Russia and the strategic partnership dynamics in the EU’s eastern neighbourhood: recalibrating the EU’s ‘self’, ‘we’ and ‘other.’ Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 29(1), 128–150. DOI
Vieira, A. V. G. (2016). Eurasian integration: elite perspectives before and after the Ukraine crisis. Post-Soviet Affairs, 32(6), 566–580. DOI
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C., & Vieira, A. V. G. (2015). Ukraine in the European Union’s Partnership Policy: A case of institutionalized ambiguity. European Politics and Society, 16(2), 143–158. DOI
Vieira, A. V. G. (2014). The Politico-Military Alliance of Russia and Belarus: Re-Examining the Role of NATO and the EU in Light of the Intra-Alliance Security Dilemma. Europe-Asia Studies, 66(4), 557–577. DOI
Vieira, A. V. G., & Lange, S. K. (2012). Beyond continuity: Analysis of the effects of the first trio presidency on policy coherence for development. European Integration - Online Papers, 16. DOI
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