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Isabel M. Correia
Ph.D in Economic and Business Sciences (University of Minho)
Department of Economics
  Assistant Professor
   253 604 532 , 253 604 584
Selected publications
Norwood, P., Correia, I., Heidenreich, S., Veiga, P., & Watson, V. (2021). Is relational continuity of care as important to people as policy makers think? Preferences for continuity of care in primary care. Family Practice, 38(5), 569–575. DOI
Botelho, A., Dias, I. C., Fernandes, T., Pinto, L. M. C., Teixeira, J., Valente, M., & Veiga, P. (2019). Overestimation of health urgency as a cause for emergency services inappropriate use: Insights from an exploratory economics experiment in Portugal. Health and Social Care in the Community, 27(4), 1031–1041. DOI
Norwood, P., Correia, I., Veiga, P., & Watson, V. (2019). Patients’ experiences and preferences for primary care delivery: a focus group analysis. Primary Health Care Research &Amp; Development, 20, e106. DOI
Correia, I., & Veiga, P. (2010). Geographic distribution of physicians in Portugal. European Journal of Health Economics, 11(4), 383–393. DOI
Correia, I. M., & Petiz, O. (2007). Firms and universities - Do spillovers enhance firm's performance? International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 3(2), 145–157. DOI
Firms and Markets
Research Methodology and Proposal in Economics
Microeconomics I
Principles of Economics