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Joana Cima
Department of Economics
  Invited Professor Equivalent to Assistant Professor
   253 604 584 , 253604510
Selected publications
Paschoalotto, M. A. C., Costa, E. P. P. A., de Almeida, S. V., Cima, J., da Costa, J. G., Santos, J. V., … Barros, P. P. (2023). Perceptions of institutional performance and compliance to non-pharmaceutical interventions: How performance perceptions and policy compliance affect public health in a decentralized health system. PLoS One, 18(5), e0285289. DOI
Cima, J., Pimenta, C., Portela, M., & Silva, M. (2022). Workforce skills and firm productivity. Banco De Portugal Economic Studies, 8(1), 77–99. DOI
Paschoalotto, M. A. C., Costa, E. P. P. A., A., S. V., Cima, J., Costa, J. G., Santos, J. V., … Passador, J. L. (2021). Running away from the jab: factors associated with COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in Brazil. Revista De Saude Publica, 26, 55–97. DOI
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Microeconomics I
Microeconomics II
Analytical Information Systems