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Maria Cristina Moreira
Ph.D in Economics (Universidade de Navarra)
Department of Economics
  Assistant Professor
   253 604 569 , 253 604 584
Member of the Economics Department at Minho University and of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences – Pólo UMinho. Member of the board of the Masters in Social Economics (MSE) Former director of MSE and of the Research Unit in European Economy, Industry and International. Former Vice-president of the General Assembly of APHES. Stakeholder of the project Economic Outcomes Flowing from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815, having Patrick O´Brien as coordinator, London School of Economics, London. Principal Investigator of projects PTDC/HIS-HIS/118984/2010,POCTI/HAR/59281/2004 e POCTI/HEC/59348/2004. Former president of the Economic and Business Historical Society, USA. Supervisor of three concluded PhD thesis and several Masters thesis. Acted as jury in PhDs and Masters. Post-Doctorate supervisor for Rodrigo da Costa Dominguez, " The Marco of ships and their contribution to the tax system in the Erário Régio (1761-1833". Colaborates as referee in Portugal and abroad.
Economical and social history in the 18th and 19th century: external trade; economy and war
Economics and tourism
Social economics
Selected publications
Moreira, C., Reis, J., & Sousa, R. M. (2021). Portugal’s French Wars: Cost, Loss, Missed Opportunities? 1793–1850. In O. B. P. Karl (Ed.), The Crucible of Revolutionary and Napoleonic Warfare and European Transitions to Modern Economic Growth (pp. 205–251). Brill. DOI
Moreira, M. C., Fernandes, A., & Mourão, P. (2020). The Importance of Social Canteens in the Portuguese Emergency Food Program: A Case Study of the Holy Houses of Mercy. Revista Portuguesa De Estudos Regionais, 55, 129–141. DOI
Henriques, C., & Moreira, M. C. (2019). Creative Tourism and Urban Sustainability: The Cases of Lisbon and Oporto. Revista Portuguesa De Estudos Regionais, (51), 93–108. DOI
Eloranta, J., Golson, E., Hedberg, P., & Moreira, M. C. (2018). Small and Medium Powers in Global History: Trade, Conflicts and Neutrality from the 18th to the 20th Centuries (1st Edition.). Londres, Inglaterra: Routledge. DOI
Moreira, C., & Eloranta, J. (2011). Importance of «weak» states during conflicts: Portuguese trade with the United States during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. Revista De Historia Economica - Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, ( 29), 393–342. DOI
Economic History