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Ana Paula Ferreira
Ph.D in Business Administration (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253601937 , 253604550
PhD in Business Sciences, MSc in HRM, Graduation in Psychology
Since 1997 Lecture & Researcher at University of Minho, Portugal
1994 - 1997 T&D and HRM Specialist (Banking Sector)
1991 - 1994 HRM and T&D Consultant
Member of the executive comission of UMinho Exec - Executive Business Education
Training & Development; Psychological Contract
Selected publications
Ferreira, A. P., & Lopes, M. (2017). A case of certified units in a Portuguese university: Interactions of ISO 9000 norms with HRM practices, employee performance and employee satisfaction. In C. Machado & J. P. Davim (Eds.), Productivity and Organizational Management (pp. 21–48). Berlin: De Gruyter. DOI
Carvalho, A., Melo, S., & Ferreira, A. P. (2016). Training in Portuguese non-profit organizations: The quest towards professionalization. International Journal of Training and Development, 20(1), 78–91. DOI
Ferreira, A. P., & Velinças, F. (2016). Training and development from the SME point of view: Portuguese employers' Input. In C. Machado & J. P. Davim (Eds.), Organizational Management: Policies and Practices in a Global Market (pp. 107–131). England: Palgrave MacMillan. DOI
Le, T. T. B., Santos, G. G., & Ferreira, A. P. (2015). Psychological contract breach and violation: the case of temporary workers in Vietnam. In C. Machado (Ed.), International Human Resources Management: Challenges and Changes (pp. 91–108). Alemanha: Springer. DOI
Ferreira, A. P., & Leite, R. (2014). A Glimpse at the Portuguese Employees' Perceptions of Training and Development: what they get is what they see? International Journal of Applied Management Sciences and Engineering, 1(1), 1–16. DOI
Business Case
Human Resource Management and Development
Human Resource Training and Development
Fundamentals of Organizational Behaviour
Introduction to Management
Emergent Themes in People Management