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EEGenerating Skills is EEG’s Transferable Skills Development Programme. It aims at generating skills that are themselves generating of opportunities for individual and professional success. The programme is a hallmark of EEG's academic portfolio designed to improve students' employability and facilitate their integration and performance in the labour market.

Transferable skills are skills that are useful and applicable across different subject areas and different professional contexts, and include communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, critical and ethical thinking, and creativity among others.

Transferable skills are a crucial differentiating element in the job market, boosting the employability of those who hold them.​​



EEG Business Day

An annual event where over 20 employers explain their expectations of newly graduates.


​​CEOs of major companies share their professional and personal experiences with EEG's students.

EEG Volunteer Day

A day in which students volunteer their work to a project in partnership with a nonprofit organisation.


Interesting ideas and projects from companies and nonprofits are presented to EEG's students.


EEG's students share their Erasmus adventures with their colleagues.


EEG's Alumni come back to the School to inspire current students with their successful careers.

Field Days

Study visits that provide first-hand contact with organizations at work.

EEG Job Fair

An annual event where employing companies seek to attract EEG's students.


Hands-on sessions designed to develop diverse transferable skills and equip EEG students with problem-solving tools.