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Florinda Silva
Ph.D in Business Administration - Finance (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   253604564 , 253604550
Faculty member of the management department, School of Economics and Management, University of Minho.
Member of NIPE research unit.
Currently Head of the Management Department and member of the scientific board of the Master in Finance.
Fund Performance Evaluation
Socially Responsible Investments
Bond Markets.
Selected publications
Brito-Ramos, S., Cortez, M. C., & Silva, F. (2024). Do Sustainability Signals Diverge? An Analysis of Labeling Schemes for Socially Responsible Investments. Business and Society, 63(6), 1380–1425. DOI
Cortez, M. C., Andrade, N., & Silva, F. (2022). The environmental and financial performance of green energy investments: European evidence. Ecological Economics, 197, 107427. DOI
Leite, C., Cortez, M. C., Silva, F., & Adcock, C. (2018). The performance of socially responsible equity mutual funds: Evidence from Sweden. Business Ethics, 27(2), 108–126. DOI
Silva, F., & Cortez, M. C. (2016). The performance of US and European green funds in different market conditions. Journal of Cleaner Production, 135, 558–566. DOI
Cortez, M. C., Silva, F., & Areal, N. M. P. C. (2009). The performance of european socially responsible funds. Journal of Business Ethics, 87(4), 573–588. DOI
Financial Analysis and Planning
Financial Statement Analysis
Research Methodology and Proposal in Management
Multidisciplinary Project in International Business