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Manuel Rocha Armada
Ph.D in Business Administration (University of Manchester)
Department of Management
  Professor Emeritus
   253604528 , 253604550
Professor (in Full) of Finance. He was the Scientific Director of one of School’s Research Centers, Vice-President of the School and its President. He got a degree in Management from ISEG (Technical U. Lisbon), a Master degree in Management Science from the U. Kent and the PhD degree in Business Administration from the Manchester Business School.
He published in several international journals, including the European Journal of Finance, the European Financial Management Journal, Industrial and Corporate Change, Review of Derivatives Research, Quantitative Finance, and the Investment Analysts Journal. He is a member of the editorial board of several international journals.
Was also awarded with the “Best Paper Award” (with co-authors) in three International Finance Conferences.
He taught, gave speeches and seminars at several national and international universities and financial institutions.
Professor Armada has held visiting positions at The Wharton School (US), London Business School and Manchester Business Schoo (UKl, U. Zaragoza and U. Santiago (Spain), U. Bergamo (Italy) , U. São Paulo, Mackenzie U. and Getúlio Vargas Foundation (Brazil).
He is also a member of the Mexican Academy of Administrative Sciences.
Corporate Finance
Behavioral Finance
Mutual Fund Performance
Real Options.
Selected publications
Prates, W., Jr., N. D. C., Armada, M. R., & Silva, S. D. (2019). Propensity to sell stocks in an artificial stock market. PLoS One, 14(4), e0215685. DOI
Serrasqueiro, Z., Nunes, P. M., & da Rocha Armada, M. (2016). Capital structure decisions: old issues, new insights from high-tech small- and medium-sized enterprises. European Journal of Finance, 22(1), 59–79. DOI
Armada, M. J. R., Pereira, P. J., & Rodrigues, A. (2013). Optimal investment with two-factor uncertainty. Mathematics and Financial Economics, 7(4), 509–530. DOI
Adcock, C. J., Cortez, M. C., Armada, M. J. R., & Silva, F. (2012). Time varying betas and the unconditional distribution of asset returns. Quantitative Finance, 12(6), 951–967. DOI
Serrasqueiro, Z. S., Nunes, P. M., Leitão, J., & Armada, M. (2010). Are there non-linearities between SME growth and its determinants? A quantile approach. Industrial and Corporate Change, 19(4), 1071–1108. DOI