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Laura Ferreira-Pereira
Ph.D in International Relations (University of Kent at Canterbury)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Full Professor
   253604521 , 253604510
Laura Ferreira-Pereira holds a BA in International Relations and a MA in European Studies, both from the University of Minho (UM). In 2003 she received her PhD in International Relations from the University of Kent at Canterbury. She is Professor of Political Science and International Relations of the UM where she teaches various courses in the domains of IR and EU Studies Studies. She is also an invited professor at the University of São Paulo.
Her research has been published in Journal of Common Market Studies, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, International Politics, Cooperation and Conflict and Journal of European Integration. She is a member of the International Editorial Board of Global Society and Assistant-Editor of ERIS. She is also founding member of EISA. She has delivered papers/ lectures in different countries, including Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, Czech Republic, Chile, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Turkey, UK and US.
Security and defence in the European Union (i.e. CFSP/CSDP)
EU’s relations with emerging powers (with particular emphasis on Brazil)
international and regional Security
and Portuguese foreign
security and defence policy.
Selected publications
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C. (2016). The European Union’s partnership policy towards Brazil: more than meets the eye. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 29(1), 55–77. DOI
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C., & Vieira, A. V. G. (2015). Ukraine in the European Union’s Partnership Policy: A case of institutionalized ambiguity. European Politics and Society, 16(2), 143–158. DOI
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C., & Groom, A. J. R. (2010). Mutual solidarity within the EU common foreign and security policy: What is the name of the game. International Politics, 47(6), 596–616. DOI
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C. (2008). Portugal and the 2007 EU Presidency: A case of constructive bridge-building. Journal of Common Market Studies, 46(SUPPL.1), 61–70. DOI
Ferreira-Pereira, L. C. (2006). Inside the fence but outside the walls: Austria, Finland and Sweden in the post-cold war security architecture. Cooperation and Conflict, 41(1), 99–122. DOI
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Contemporary Diplomacy
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Introdução às Relações Internacionais
Political Marketing
International Negotiation
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Portuguese Foreign Policy
International Security
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