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António Tavares
Ph.D in Public Administration (Florida State University)
Department of International Relations and Public Administration
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   601927 , 253604510
António Tavares is Associate Professor w/ Habilitation at the University of Minho. He is co-editor of the Urban Affairs Review. His research has been published in a wide range of journals in political science and public administration. Tavares received his Ph.D. in Public Administration from the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University.
Territorial Reforms; Regional Governance; Service Delivery; Political and Civic Engagement.
Selected publications
Rodrigues, M., & Tavares, A. (2020). The effects of amalgamations on voter turnout: Evidence from sub-municipal governments in Portugal. Cities, 101, 102685. DOI
Tavares, A. F., & da Cruz, N. F. (2020). Explaining the transparency of local government websites through a political market framework. Government Information Quarterly, 37(3). DOI
Silva, P., Tavares, A. F., Silva, T., & Lameiras, M. (2019). The good, the bad and the ugly: Three faces of social media usage by local governments. Government Information Quarterly, 36(3), 469–479. DOI
Deslatte, A., Tavares, A., & Feiock, R. C. (2018). Policy of Delay: Evidence from a Bayesian Analysis of Metropolitan Land-Use Choices. Policy Studies Journal, 46(3), 674–699. DOI
Tavares, A. F. (2018). Municipal amalgamations and their effects: A literature review. Miscellanea Geographica, 22(1), 5–15. DOI
Auditing in Public Services
Design of Public Policies and Programs
Public Contracts
Local Government and Administration
Quantitative Methods in Public Administration
Public Policy
Applied Project
Topics in Analysis and Evaluation of Policies