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Joaquim Silva
Ph.D in Marketing and Strategy (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604510 ext.601923 , 253604550
I am an Assistant Professor and a researcher in the Management Department at the University of Minho. I am currently the course director of the BSc degree in Marketing. I have a PhD in Marketing and Strategy (University of Minho, 2014; thesis title "Practices of co-creating value in the consumption of a tangible offer supported by intangible resources: The customer's perspective"); MSc in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing and Strategy (University of Minho, 1999); BSc in Organizational Sociology by the University of Minho (1994). I am a co-author of scientific articles published in the Journal of Brand Management, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Journal of Business Economics and Management, British Journal of Educational Technology, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services. I am an integrated researcher in CICS.NOVA - Interdisciplinary Center for Social Sciences. I am also a member of the Centro para a Inovação e o Desenvolvimento do Ensino e da Aprendizagem da Universidade do Minho (IDEA-UMinho).
I have had collaborations with several companies and entities such as Bosch Car Multimedia, Braga, ActivoBank, Spark Agency, ANJE, Institute of Science and Innovation for Bio-Sustainability (IB-S).
Value Co-creation; Customer Experience; Circular Economy; Sharing Economy; Urban Mobility.
Selected publications
Sá, E., Casais, B., & Silva, J. (2019). Local development through rural entrepreneurship, from the Triple Helix perspective: The case of a peripheral region in northern Portugal. International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research, 25(4), 698–716. DOI
Sousa, B. M., & Silva, J. (2015). The brand management: a perspective applied in the context of sports media. International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media, 3(4), 118–133. DOI
Carvalho, A., Areal, N., & Silva, J. (2011). Students perceptions of Blackboard and Moodle in a Portuguese university. British Journal of Educational Technology, 42(5), 824–841. DOI
Farhangmehr, M., Marques, S., & Silva, J. (2001). Hypermarkets versus traditional retail stores – consumers' and retailers' perspectives in Braga: a case study. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 8, 189–198. DOI
Farhangmehr, M., Marques, S. H., & Silva, J. C. L. F. (2000). Consumer and retailer perceptions of hypermarkets and traditional retail stores in Portugal. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 7(4), 197–206. DOI
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