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Ana Paula Ferreira
Ph.D in Business Administration (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253601937 , 253604550
PhD in Business Sciences, MSc in HRM, Graduation in Psychology
Since 1997 Lecture & Researcher at University of Minho, Portugal
1994 - 1997 T&D and HRM Specialist (Banking Sector)
1991 - 1994 HRM and T&D Consultant
Member of the executive comission of UMinho Exec - Executive Business Education
Training & Development; Psychological Contract; Careers; Employability
Selected publications
Santos, G. G., Pinho, J. C., Ferreira, A. P., & Vieira, M. (2024). Psychological contract breach and organizational citizenship behaviours: the moderating role of contract type. Management Research Review, 9(4), 225–235. DOI
Vilaça, T. O., & Ferreira, A. P. (2022). Leadership and Organizational Culture in Football: A Coaches' Perspective. In & J. D. Carolina Machado (Ed.), Creativity Models for Innovation in Management and Engineering (pp. 138–162). IGI Global. DOI
Carvalho, A., Melo, S., & Ferreira, A. P. (2016). Training in Portuguese non-profit organizations: The quest towards professionalization. International Journal of Training and Development, 20(1), 78–91. DOI
Le, T. T. B., Santos, G. G., & Ferreira, A. P. (2015). Psychological contract breach and violation: the case of temporary workers in Vietnam. In C. Machado (Ed.), International Human Resources Management: Challenges and Changes (pp. 91–108). Alemanha: Springer. DOI
Ferreira, A. P. (2013). Perceção de incumprimento do contrato psicológico: o papel do empenhamento na carreira. Revista Portuguesa e Brasileira De Gestão, 12(3), 21–32. DOI
Human Resource Management and Development
Human Resource Training and Development
Policies and Practices in Human Resource Management