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Isabel Cordeiro
Ph.D in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics (Universidade Heriot-Watt, Edimburgo)
Department of Management
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   253604563 , 253604550
Actuarial Science; Disability Insurance; Insurance Economics; Statistics
Selected publications
Cordeiro, I. M. F., & Magalhães, P. M. (2010). Sensitivity analysis of the moments of the profit on an income protection policy. Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, 26(1), 50–70. DOI
Cordeiro, I. M. F. (2007). Some notes on the average duration of an income protection claim. ASTIN Bulletin, 37(1), 133–148. DOI
Cordeiro, I. M. F. (2002). A multiple state model for the analysis of permanent health insurance claims by cause of disability. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 30(2), 167–186. DOI
Cordeiro, I. M. F. (2002). Transition Intensities for a Model for Permanent Health Insurance. ASTIN Bulletin, 32(2), 319–346. DOI
Forecasting Methods For Management
Topics in Insurance and Actuarial Mathematics