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Emília Fernandes
Ph.D in Business Administration (University of Minho)
Department of Management
  Assistant Professor
   253604510 ext.601942 , 253604550
Graduating in Psychology from the University of Porto, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the University of Minho (UM), I have been working as an Assistant Professor in the School of Economics and Management of the UM. I have had teaching experience at undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Key teaching areas have included Organizational Behaviour, Theories of Management and Organization, and Human Resources Management. My research interest areas and publications have been in gender stereotypes in management, gender discourses and identities in entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises, and professional embodiment.
Feminist Theory and Post-Colonialism in the context of organizations
Professional and Organizational Identities
Gender Studies
Equal Opportunities and Diversity Management
Human Resource Management
Selected publications
Esteban, L., Fernandes, E., Cimbrini, T., Smith, C., & Goksu, G. Female chairs on the boards of European National Sports Federations: a comparative study. Gender in Management. DOI
Fernandes, E., & Saraiva, A. (2022). Alternative consumer practices for a sustainable identity: the perspective of organic food consumption. Journal of Marketing Management, 38(3-4), 279–308. DOI
Saraiva, A., Fernandes, E., & von Schwedler, M. (2020). The pro-environmental consumer discourse: A political perspective on organic food consumption. International Journal of Consumer Studies. DOI
Fernandes, E., & Leite, R. (2016). Embodied women in the work context: The case of Portuguese businesswomen and their female subordinates. Women's Studies International Forum, 56, 45–55. DOI
Fernandes, E. (2008). Elas por elas: corpos ruidosos, corpos silenciados em contexto organizacional. Diacrítica, 22(3), 87–102. DOI
Advanced Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Epistemology and Theory of Knowledge in Management
Evolution of Management Thought
Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Advanced Organizational Theories