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Moritz Von Schwedler
Ph.D in Management (University of Sheffield)
Department of Management
  Invited Professor Equivalent to Assistant Professor
   253604550 , 253604550
PhD in Management; Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Strategy and Marketing.
Corporate Sustainability
Business Ethics
Selected publications
Saraiva, A., Fernandes, E., & von Schwedler, M. (2020). The green identity formation process in organic consumer communities: Environmental activism and consumer resistance. Qualitative Market Research, 23(1), 69–86. DOI
Saraiva, A., von Schwedler, M., & Fernandes, E. (2018). Choosing local organic food: Consumer motivations and ethical spaces . International Journal of Nutrition and Food Engineering, 12(3), 58–66. DOI
von Schwedler, M. (2011). CSR in the UK Water Industry:‘Doing the Right Thing’? A Case Study. Social and Environmental Accounting, 31(2), 125–137. DOI
Strategic Management
Introduction to Marketing
Public and Social Marketing
Social responsibility, ethics and consumer protection