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Moritz Von Schwedler
Ph.D in Management (University of Sheffield)
Department of Management
  Invited Professor Equivalent to Assistant Professor
   253604550 , 253604550
PhD in Management; Lecturer in Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Strategy and Marketing.
Corporate Sustainability
Business Ethics
Selected publications
Saraiva, A., Fernandes, E., & von Schwedler, M. (2020). The green identity formation process in organic consumer communities: Environmental activism and consumer resistance. Qualitative Market Research, 23(1), 69–86. DOI
Saraiva, A., Fernandes, E., & von Schwedler, M. (2020). The pro-environmental consumer discourse: A political perspective on organic food consumption. International Journal of Consumer Studies. DOI
Saraiva, A., von Schwedler, M., & Fernandes, E. (2018). Choosing local organic food: Consumer motivations and ethical spaces . International Journal of Nutrition and Food Engineering, 12(3), 58–66. DOI
von Schwedler, M. (2011). CSR in the UK Water Industry:‘Doing the Right Thing’? A Case Study. Social and Environmental Accounting, 31(2), 125–137. DOI
Advanced Data Analysis
Data Analysis and Transferable Skills
Business Case
Marketing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Introduction to Marketing
Public and Social Marketing