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Maria Helena Guimarães
Ph.D in International Political Economy (University of Cincinnati)
Department of Economics
  Associate Professor with Habilitation
   253 604 544 , 253 604 584
She is Associate Professor (with Aggregation) and has a Jean Monnet Chair in political economy of european integration. She has a PhD in international political econonomy and a Master in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati, USA. She has a Master in European Studies and a BA in International Economic Relations from UMinho. She was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at American University, Washington, DC and a Visiting Scholar at the Univeristy of Washington, Seattle. She published in peer-reviewed journals such as JCMS, she co-edited a book on the Single Market (Emerald), published a book on Political Economy of International Trade, and has book chapters in international and national publications. She has received funding from international and national entities, such the European Commission, Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT), American Consortium on EU Studies. She teaches in the areas od international political economy, european integration, EU negotiation, trade policy, among others. She has supervised Master and PhD students, and has been a member of PhD and Master panels in various Universities. She has recently been elected to the Genral Council of UMinho, and was vice-president and interim president of the Economics and Business School - EEG, where she has coordinated undergraduate and graduate programmes, and projects of international education.
International Political Economy
Political Economy of European Integration
Single Market
Political Economy of International Trade
Trade Policy
Economic Policies of the EU
EU Governance.
Selected publications
Barbosa, N., Guimarães, M. H., & Faria, A. P. (2017). Single Market Non-Compliance: How relevant is the institutional setting? Singapore Economic Review, 62(5), 1115–1135. DOI
Camisão, I., & Guimarães, M. H. (2017). The Commission, the Single Market and the Crisis: The Limits of Purposeful Opportunism. Journal of Common Market Studies, 55(2), 223–239. DOI
Egan, M., & Guimarães, M. H. (2017). The Single Market: Trade Barriers and Trade Remedies. Journal of Common Market Studies, 55(2), 294–311. DOI
Egan, M., & Guimarães, M. H. (2012). Compliance in the single market. Business and Politics, 14(4), 1–28. DOI
Guimarães, M. H. (2008). União Europeia e América Latina: os interesses comuns. Cadernos De Estudos Latino-Americanos Nuevas Perspectivas Del Mercosur, 4, 101–110. DOI
Political Economics of International Business
International Political Economics
Multidisciplinary Project in International Business
Specialised Translation (Mod. 1)