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João Martins
Department of Economics
  Invited Assistant
   +351 253 604 584 , +351 253 604 510
João Martins is an Invited Professor and a PhD student in Economics at the University of Minho. Since 2017, he is also affiliated to the United Nations University (UNU-EGOV). He holds a Master’s degree and a BA in Economics from the University of Minho. He has lectured the courses of International Monetary Economics, Macroeconomics II, Principles of Macroeconomics and Public Finance.
His main areas of interest are Public Economics, Political Economy, Macroeconomics and e-Government. He participated in research projects funded by entities such as the Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos and the European Social Fund. João has been a member of the programme committee of several conferences in the e-Government field, such as ICEGOV, DTGS, and EGOSE.
Public Economics
Political Economy
Selected publications
Martins, J., & Al-Shekaili, H. Internet and Online Governmental Services Use Divide: Evidence From Oman. Social Science Computer Review. DOI
Martins, J., & Veiga, L. (2020). Undergraduate students’ economic literacy, knowledge of the country’s economic performance and opinions regarding appropriate economic policies. International Journal of Education Economics and Development, 11(4), 351–369. DOI
Veiga, F., Veiga, L., Fernandes, B., & Martins, J. (2017). Limitação de Mandatos. Lisbon: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos. DOI