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João Cerejeira
Ph.D in Economics (European University Institute)
Department of Economics
  Assistant Professor
   253604587 , 253 604 587
PhD in Economics at the European University Instutitute (Florence). Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, EEG - UMinho. Member of the Economic Policies Research Unit (NIPE). Teaching: Applied Econometrics, Labour Economics and Urban Economics.
From 2013 to 2015 was Vice-President of the EEG- UMinho and Executive Director of UMinho Exec.
Labour and Education Economics
Program Evaluation
Urban and Regional Economics
Selected publications
Sousa, R., Cerejeira, J., Portela, M., & Agante, E. (2018). EEE fees and the WEEE system – A model of efficiency and income in European countries. Waste Management, 79, 770–780. DOI
Alexandre, F., Bação, P., Cerejeira, J., & Portela, M. (2017). Exchange Rates, Employment and Labour Market Rigidity. World Economy, 40(5), 993–1011. DOI
Varejão, J., Cerejeira, J., & Portela, M. (2014). O Mercado de Trabalho. In F. Alexandre, P. Bação, P. Lains, M. M. F. Martins, M. Portela, & M. Simões (Eds.), A Economia Portuguesa na União Europeia: 1986 – 2010 (pp. 233–268). Coimbra: Actual Editora. DOI
Cerejeira, J., & Guimarães, P. (2012). The price of unobservables and the employer-size wage premium. Economics Letters, 117(3), 878–880. DOI
Alexandre, F., Bação, P., Cerejeira, J., & Portela, M. (2011). Employment and Exchange Rates: The Role of Openness and Technology. Open Economies Review, 22(5), 969–984. DOI
Applied Econometrics
Econometrics I
Option A2.1: Urban Economics
Project and Transferable Skills
Multidisciplinary Project in International Business
Economics Seminars